Parachute Pants in Outer Space

Forever young-at-heart artist, crafter, traveler, drummer and cat lady.
Interests: outer space, rainbows, Halloween, unicorns, surrealism, feminism, equality, glitter, nostalgia, the outdoors, (some) pop culture, and good vibes :)
Picked up a second job, working at Spirit Halloween with my best friend. We get to wear the costumes (!!!)
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Hey, look! My stuff was featured on this rad Dutch website for teens. A rough Babelfish translation of the text: “The products of MAGIC by Anna Panda focus on cats, glitter and equality, so basically we would all no longer even need to explain why this brand is great. In any case it is worth to tell that the cat on the button at the bottom right is actually the owner’s cat is and admit it: everything for cats.”

I have pendant necklaces in my etsy shop now. Yeah!



The Unicorn Sells Out. 
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